Monday, December 30, 2013

PEACE BE WITH YOU: Why be religious? The community of the Spirit says it well.

Why be Religious?: Father Matthew Presents

Episcopal priest video blogger, Matthew Moretz, at Christ's Church, Rye, NY, looks at the value of religion in the face of those who say that they are spiritual but not religious. "Father Matthew Presents" is a regular video series produced on a semi-regular basis. You can find out more about his church and view sermons and stuff at You can contact Fr. Matthew at Peace be with you!
This piece uses the music of hisboyelroy and Kevin MacLeod under their Creative Commons license.

Thanks to Father Matthew, Christ Church

St. Alban English Mission, Antigua, Guatemala is an outreach project of The Episcopal Diocese of Guatemala, IARCA
The Most Reverend Armando Guerra Soria, Rector and Primate
The Reverend Ricardo Frohmader, associate minister

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