Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mozambique: ¨The Bishop Who Smashed Guns At the Altar¨ is about to retire after four decades ministry.

The Rt. Reverend Dinis Sengulane of Lebombo, diocese of southern Mozambique
¨The longest-serving Anglican bishop in the world, Bishop Dinis Sengulane of Lebombo, a church diocese which covers southern Mozambique, is to retire after nearly four decades ministry in that country.

Sengulane was consecrated as a bishop soon after Mozambique became independent from Portugal in 1975 and the ruling Frelimo party formed a one-party state. He led his diocese through the 15-year-long civil war which followed independence and played an important role in efforts which eventually brought about an end to the war. He was interviewed in late 2013 by John Allen:

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