Monday, March 31, 2014

PEOPLE'S PRAYERS: Prayer for the surgery of Fr. Ricardo Frohmader

Holy God of all that is Healing and Healthy, 
we ask Your special grace upon Your Faithful Servant, Fr. Ricardo Frohmader of the Mission of St. Alban's in the Diocese of Guatemala. Comfort him in Your sacred embrace as he undergoes back surgery on April 1. Grant the surgeon clear sight, steady, and blessed hands. Fill the nurses and the operating room with the restorative energy of the Holy Spirit. Enfold Ricardo's spouse Mari and their children with Your soothing and hopeful Presence. Gather the prayers of parishioners and friends from close by and from far and wide as a protective canopy of love. Grant that the curative compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ will speed Ricardo's recovery and we will soon again be the benefactors of his ministry among us.   

Oramos para que en el nombre de Jesucristo para una recuperación rápida.Amen.   

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Thanks to Christiana Brennan Lee

The eight-nine hour surgery will commence at 5:30 A.M.. April 1, 2014

Hospital Herrera Llerandi

Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America

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