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UNPRECEDENTED GLOBAL INITIATIVE TO ERADICATE SLAVERY: Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Muslims sign historic agreement to combat human trafficking, slavery

Foto (Anglican Centre in Rome): Los firmantes: En nombre de Su Gracia Justin Welby, Arzobispo de Cantórbery; el Reverendísimo Dr. David John Moxon, Representante ante la Santa Sede. En nombre del Santo Padre, Papa Francisco; el Obispo Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Canciller de la Academia Pontificia de las Ciencias y Ciencias Sociales. En nombre del Gran Imán de Al Azhar, Egipto, Dr. Mahmoud Azab. Por la Fundación Caminar Libre el Sr. Andrew Forrest.
UNPRECEDENTED global initiative: Religions by ERADICATING the slavery modern and the trafficking in 2020 (17/III/2014) eradicating modern slavery and trafficking of human beings around the world by the year 2020 is the objective of an innovative agreement announced today at the Vatican. This unprecedented agreement among the representatives of the main religions inaugurated the Global network of freedom (GFN) comprising the Foundation walk free, as an important partner.

The Joint Declaration of the signatories of the Global network of freedom highlighted the searing destructiveness of people which is modern-day slavery and trafficking in persons and requested urgent action to all the other Christian churches and world religions. The Global freedom network is an open Association and other religious leaders will be invited to participate and support this initiative.

Joint Declaration the modern slavery and human trafficking are crimes against humanity.

The physical, economic and sexual exploitation of men, women and children condemned to 30 million people to the dehumanization and degradation. Each day we continue this tragic situation in a serious attack on our common humanity and a shameful affront to the conscience of all peoples.

Any indifference towards those who suffer exploitation must cease. We call for action to all people of faith and their leaders, all Governments and people of good will, to join the movement against modern slavery and trafficking in human beings and support to the global network of freedom.

Only by activating, all over the world, the ideals of faith and shared human values we can join spiritual power, the joint effort and the liberating vision to eradicate modern slavery and trafficking in human beings of our world and of all time. This evil is unnatural and can be overcome by involuntary inspired by faith and human effort.

All already engaged in this struggle fervently welcome and we hope that this project will encourage commitment to release the most oppressed of our brothers and sisters.

Despite the efforts of so many in so many countries, to continue expand modern slavery and trafficking in human beings. Victims are hidden: in places of prostitution, in factories and farms, fishing boats and illegal settlements, in particular houses behind closed doors and in countless other places, cities, towns and neighborhoods in the wealthiest and the world's poorest nations.

The Global freedom network will deal with the instruments of the faith - prayer, fasting and Almsgiving. There will be a world day of prayer for the victims and for their freedom. Be asked to all people of faith and all those of good will, to join us in reflection and action. Dedicated networks of prayer will form around the world.

Under the agreement, the parties undertake to follow all roads and pathways to promote global action to eradicate modern slavery and trafficking in human beings.

Plans of action for the first year: all the world religions disapprove of modern-day slavery, their supplies and investment chains and take corrective measures if necessary.

All world religions mobilise their youth sector in support of programs to eradicate modern slavery and trafficking in persons.

Families, schools, universities, congregations and institutions educate about the nature of modern-day slavery and human trafficking, will inform about the destructiveness of the harmful social attitudes, prejudices and social systems in relation to modern slavery and trafficking in persons.

They join government leaders to condemn modern-day slavery and 50 large multinational companies, whose executives are people of faith and good will, to commit themselves to the disapproval of modern slavery and their supply chains.

It will publicly support the 162 Global Fund to end slavery, with 30 heads of State for the public by the end of 2014 establishment.

It will urge the G20 to condemn modern-day slavery and trafficking in human beings, to make an initiative against human trafficking, fight against slavery and the support of the Global Fund.

The joint statement concluded that: our world must be freed from these terrible evils and crimes against humanity. Each hand and each heart must be United to bring freedom to all those who are trapped and suffering. This agreement is a principle and a promise - the victims of modern slavery and trafficking in human beings must not be forgotten or ignored: everyone will know its history. We will walk with them to freedom.. there is more, please read it all:,-roman-catholics-and-muslims-sign-historic-agreement-to-combat-human-trafficking,-slavery.aspx

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