Monday, April 28, 2014

IARCA NEWS - THE REV. CANON LEE CRAWFORD in the diocese of EL SALVADOR: ¨ Bishop Martin Barahona is in a group mediating a pacification process between gangs/maras¨

Religious leaders in El Salvador request dialogue between government, churches and gangs.
¨This event took place at Iglesia Anglicana San Juan Evangelista. Bishop Martín Barahonahas been involved in a group trying to mediate a pacification process between the gangs; hence, there was a press conference of religious leaders asking to create a formal dialogue between the government, churches and gangs. They asked that there be the creation of a Vice-minister of Violence Prevention.¨  Lee+

Un grupo de obispos y pastores evangélicos proponen que Raúl Mijango y monseñor Fabio Colindres continúen como mediadores en el proceso de pacificación, así como la creación de un Viceministerio de Prevención de Violencia.

Martin Barahona, Bishop of El Salvador, IARCA


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