Sunday, May 25, 2014

SIEMPRE UNIDOS: Episcopal ministry in Honduras provides help to those with HIV, AIDS

HOPE, News from the diocese of Honduras, TEC

Some years ago a woman came to the Rev. Pascual P. Torres and said, “I am going to die.”

While she was a patient at a public hospital, she had been tested for HIV without her knowledge, then told the test results were positive. The staff told her: “You are going to die because you have AIDS.” The woman left the hospital and decided to jump off a bridge; she then remembered her 5-year-old daughter at home.
“She decided to kill her daughter first and then herself. But then she ran into a nurse … and she didn’t know if it was God or whatever, ” Torres said.

The nurse told the woman about Siempre Unidos, a ministry of the Episcopal Church in Honduras that provides medical care and comprehensive social services to people living with HIV and AIDS and their families.
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St. Alban English Mission, Antigua, Guatemala is a outreach project of The St. James English parish, Episcopal Diocese of Guatemala, IARCA

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