Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Episcopal Diocese of El Salvador/ IARCA: Religioso ¨Gay Bishop ¨ llega al país para promover derechos humanos de comunidad LGBTI (Bishop Robinson arrives in El Salvador to preach in support of LGBTI Human Rights)

The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson, bishop emeritus, diocese of New Hampshire, TEC
¨What an amazing photograph: Bishop Robinson preaching and presiding at la Capilla del Espíritu Santo, San Salvador.¨ The Reverend Canon Lee Crawford
For those travelling to El Salvador this week to be with Bishop Gene Robinson.
Que Dios los cuide.
Prayer before Pilgrimage to El Salvador for LGBT Rights

To you, O Divine One, from whose hands
comes the work of creation, so artfully designed,
I pray that this journey I am about to do
may be done in compassion with you.

May the pilgrimage that I will soon begin
sing praises to you
as songbirds do.

May the work that I will soon begin
add to the light of your presence
because it is done with great love.

May the experience that I will soon begin
speak like a prophet of old
of your dream of beauty and unity.

May the journey that I will soon begin
be a shimmering mirror of your handiwork
in the excellence of its execution,
in the joy of doing it for its own sake,
in my poverty of ownership over it,
in my openness to failure or success,
in my invitation to others to share in it
and in its bearing fruit for the world.

May I be aware that through this pilgrimage
I draw near you.

I come to you, Beloved,
with ready hands.


Thanks to the Episcopal diocese of El Salvador, IARCA
Thanks to The Rt. Reverend Martin de Jesus Barahona 
Thanks to The Rt. Reverend Gene Robinson
Thanks to The Rev. Canon Lee Crawford
Thanks to Amigos de IARCA (facebook)
Thanks to The Most Reverend Armando Guerra Soria, IARCA
Thanks to La Pagina, El Salvador


St Alban Mission holds English services every Sunday at Noon

Casa Convento Concepcion, Antigua Guatemala, All are welcome.

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St. Alban English Mission, Antigua, Guatemala is a outreach project of The St. James English parish, Episcopal Diocese of Guatemala, IARCA

The Most Reverend Armando Guerra Soria,  Rector of St. Alban Mission, Bishop of Guatemala and Primate of Central America

The Reverend Ricardo Frohmader 
Associate Minister of St. Alban Mission
Antigua, Guatemala

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