Wednesday, August 20, 2014

COLORFILLED GUATEMALAN TRADITION: ¨Convite¨ Street Dances mix the past with the present and beyond - Mayas, Conquistadors, Religious spectacle, Fables and Legends come to life with fresh interpretation each year!!

DANCING IN THE ALTIPLANO - K´iche´ Maya, 101 Anniversary in Santa Cruz, de Quiche last SUNDAY

Every year in some of the towns in Guatemala, on regularly scheduled annual dates, we have ¨Convites¨ which are costumed street parades. These extravaganzas, and they really are, have groups who are invited to participate. These groups plan a year in advance their elaborate costumes and dancing messages. Originally over one hundred years ago (that we know) the ¨Convites¨ displayed the local cultural combinations of Conquistadors and Indigenous interpretations of their daily mix into each phase of contemporary and local society, also there is a heritage of ¨Mexican Dancing¨ that is also ¨invited¨ to participate. The organizational approach of these ¨dance´societies¨ reflect the way they see themselves connecting with the outside's a great a colorfilled and cultural explosion. 

Last weekend my art assistant Henry and Glenda his wife traveled to Santa Cruz de Quiche for the famous and annual, this year celebrating 101 years, tradition. Henry returned home with videos and many photographs of the spectacular event...I will share some here so you will SEE how we have become inspired to paint ¨Convite¨ paintings, murals and even ceramics...they have already become a fascinating new direction for us because, like the dance groups, the imagination level is's all about absorbing influence from NOW and centuries before NOW and even beyond NOW!

I love the ¨Convites¨ and in our town of San Miguel Dueñas we will have ¨ritual dances¨ after the procession of the VIrgin of the New Year, December 28th, mid-day, in San Miguel Dueñas...really fascinating and I think I will plan a lunch party around it and after the Virgin of the New Year passes my house we will then see the CONVITE FANTASTICO de San Miguel Dueñas, come visit ...vamos a ver, but for now, here is more of a glympse of what appeared before Henry, Glenda and their baby at San Cruz de Quiche last Sunday: 



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