Thursday, September 4, 2014

THE MOST REVEREND ARMANDO GUERRA - PRIMATE of IARCA -Pastoral Visit to the West of Guatemala

The Most Reverend Armando Guerra, Bishop of Guatemala and Primate of IARCA makes a timely Pastoral Visit to the West of Guatemala

The visit includes: meetings with each and every one of the priests and deacons. their families and clericus general liturgical celebrations. Departments visted are Chimaltenango, Solola, the Quiche, Totonicapan and Quetzaltenango.  Archbishop Guerra reports that he is because with his wife, Norma, who accompanied him during his travels, he is very pleased. His Grace requests your prayers for the success of this weeks travels which are dedicated to the region of the West Diocese and for the asks for the protection of God in his extensive travels of many kilometers.

Visita Pastoral al Occidente de Guatemala

La visita incluye: reuniones con cada uno de los sacerdotes y diaconos y sus familias, clericus general, celebraciones liturgicas. Los departamentos a visitar son: Chimaltenango, Solola, El Quiche, Totonicapan y Quetzaltenango. Soy afortunado porque Norma mi esposa me acompañara. Ruego sus oraciones por el exito pastoral de esta semana dedicada a esa region de la Diocesis y por la proteccion de Dios en nuestro recorrido de muchos kilometros.

Saint Alban Mission Antigua, Guatemala

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St. Alban English Mission, Antigua, Guatemala is an outreach project of The St. James English parish, Episcopal Diocese of Guatemala, IARCA

The Most Reverend Armando Guerra Soria,  Rector of St. Alban Mission, Bishop of Guatemala and Primate of Central America

The Reverend Ricardo Frohmader 
Associate Minister of St. Alban Mission
Antigua, Guatemala

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