Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PRAYER REQUEST: Judy Sadlier is having back surgery in El Salvador - UPDATE!

PRAYERS, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, GIANT-GOOD VIBES: Our friend, Judy Sadlier is in San Salvador, El Salvador having micro surgery on her back...our very best wishes for her well-being and prayers are ascending from the Panchoy Valley of the Volcanos for her safe and comfortable return to us.  Amen

Thursday, early A.M.:

UPDATE ON JUDY's OPERATION (from her husband): 
Gene Budinger 

8 hrs · 
Lori and I just got back from the hospital. Judy came though just fine, but they wanted to keep her in "intermediate care" which is, I guess, somewhere between intensive and don't care. Doctor Lovo said it went well and that she was going to be up and walking with a physical therapist tomorrow at 9. Thanks again for all the prayer and good wishes. I'll try to keep everyone up to date on her progress.

FRIDAY, early A.M.:


Hi All, I see Lori has posted a few pics but I am here to tell you I'm BACK!
It was a rocky road but not because of anyone but me. I had a problem with an initial EKG and an anesthetic problem in surgery but all is well now and I am back on the mend with physiotherapy. Could be out of the hospital today and return to Antigua on Wednesday or Thursday.
I deeply appreciate all the well wishes and prayers I've received from so many. I know it made a difference and I thank each and every one of you!

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  1. May blessings be borne as healing incense wafting from the smoke of your beloved volcano to sanctify the hands of the surgeon and those who are assisting for a return to strength, good health, and pain free recovery.