Monday, June 29, 2015

IMPORTANT TRANSITIONS AT SAINT ALBAN - ANTIGUA: New service schedule, New priest and Thank You to Fr. Ricardo - Welcome Fr. John, Elizabeth Bell, Senior Warden

Elizabeth Bell, Senior Warden

This Sunday our service will be at 12noon, July 5th. 

We will be welcoming Fr. John Smith and his wife, Terri, at our service with a transition service date to be announced by the Bishop.

At our church service yesterday, we agreed to change the service time permanently from 12noon to 10am beginning July 12th. We believe that 10am is a more convenient time for many and hope to see you at church then.

We regret that Fr. Ricardo with not be able to join us at that time and thank him for all of his service during the past two years. We look forward to his visits, always.

I am in the process of collecting signatures for the formal request to establish a St. Alban Mission that we are presenting to the Bishop. I look forward to seeing you to sign, if you have not done so already. Please let me know if you would like to come by and sign at my Antigua Tours (Café Condesa) office during the week or if you prefer that I e-mail you a copy of the letter to sign. We hope to present this to the Bishop as soon as possible.

Please also remember that Leonard Clark at receives messages for our Facebook page and the blog also includes prayer requests and items of Episcopal interest to post.

Very best,
Elizabeth Bell
Senior Warden St. Alban

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