Saturday, August 22, 2015

A ´MODEST PROPOSAL´ : Responding to questions regarding a possible ¨Bible Study¨ at Saint Alban Mission. Fr. John, Vicar

Thoughts on Bible Study

A couple of people mentioned the desire to have some kind of bible study among the St. Alban community.  I've put together some thoughts to share toward this goal.
Most bible studies use two basic methods:  one, a selection of a theme in the bible that is followed and studied from it's origen in the Hebrew Bible and it's continued development in the New Testament and the Gospels; or, second, a selection of a particular book, Letter, or Gospel.  Whatever is selected forms the basis for the study.  Over the years most of us who have attended regular bible study have experienced one of these two methods.
But there is a method, more organic, if you will, to studying the bible that brings together both of the above methods and places them in the context of the church's liturgy and prayer.  This organic way of studying the bible uses the Daily Lectionary that is found in the Book of Common Prayer.
Everyday, thousands of people, in their homes, parishes, convents, and religious houses or monasteries, pray the Daily Office which contains three serial readings from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), the New Testament Letters, and the Gospel each day.  These readings, in the two year cycle of the Lectionary, familiarize a person with the whole bible.  To study the bible this way can be part of a life changing daily practice, which, even if you are hit and miss, can still bear much fruit!
A modest proposal:  If you are interested in hearing more about in this organic method of bible study and how it could be carried out in the St. Alban community, let's get some coffee and meet after the 10am service on September 6.  

See you there!
Fr. Smith, Vicar 
Saint Alban Episcopal Mission (English) meets every Sunday at 10:00 A.M. (see welcome letter at sidebar) at Casa Convento Concepcion, 4a Calle Oriente No. 41, Antigua, Guatemala.

The Right Reverend Armando Guerra Soria, Bishop of Guatemala and Primate emeritus, IARCA

The Reverend John Smith, Vicar, the Rt. Reverend Armando Guerra, Bishop of Guatemala and Primate emeritus of the Anglican Church of the Region of Central America (IARCA), rector.


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