Monday, August 10, 2015

EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF GUATEMALA - OFFICIAL/AUTHORIZED - ¨El Centro Misionero St. Alban¨ Saint Alban Episcopal Mission (English) given mission status and Fr. John Smith installed as Vicar

It's official!! We here at St. Alban's are now considered a mission status church. What a beautiful service yesterday with Bishop Armando Guerra Soria, Father Ricardo Frohmader, Senior Warden Elizabeth Bell and all who attended to make the installation of Rev. John Smith official.

Special thanks to Senior Warden, Elizabeth Bell
, who received the official ¨Mission Status¨ document from Bishop Armando Guerra.  Elizabeth has the spirit, the great energy (and stamina) to have kept us organized with her continous stewardship 
and faithfulness during the last two years of formation.


Thanks also to the never ending efforts by the members of the non-denominational St. Marks (w
ho used the TEC Book of Common Prayer) for more than 18 years in Antigua for unaffiliated English worship in Guatemala. A very special thanks to Elizabeth Beth McCullough who was the very force for Christian sharing for all of those early years. Thanks to all who have come before us and offered so much of themselves to our fellowship for over two decades.

The Right Reverend Armando Guerra, The Reverend Ricardo Frohmader and Father John Smith, Vicar/Priest-in-charge, St. Alban Mission, Antigua, Guatemala

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