Saturday, October 31, 2015

FROM THE NATIONAL CATHEDRAL - Episcopal, Washington D.C.: ¨Extrodinary progress toward Equality in the Human Condition¨ - ¨What can be done about extreme Inequality¨

 HERE: October 28, 2015: The Nancy and Paul Ignatius Program 

¨Extrodianary progress toward Equality in the Human Condition 1980 to 2020¨

Lawrence Summers

¨What can be done about extreme Inequality¨ 

Christine Lagarde

Our economic system has created vast amounts of wealth and opportunity. Indeed, the free market is a defining aspect of America’s identity. But in recent years it has created troubling levels of inequality. Companies by and large are doing well: stock market valuations are high, and corporations are flush with cash. But the benefits aren’t being widely shared. Few good jobs are being created. And the disparity between rich and poor is becoming far greater.
Is that an acceptable by-product of the free-market system? Or does society need to rethink its priorities? And how should faith-based communities respond? To help answer these questions and lead the way forward, this year’s Ignatius Forum will bring together a prominent panel of experts:
Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund and France’s former Finance Minister Lawrence Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary and ex-President of Harvard University

The panel will be moderated by Adi Ignatius, editor in chief of the Harvard Business Review Group. Gary Hall, Dean of Washington National Cathedral will introduce the program and set the context for the conversation.The Nancy and Paul Ignatius Program was created in recognition of Nancy and Paul’s service and commitment to Washington National Cathedral and the inspiration they have given to so many to “focus on things that matter.” The fund dedicated in their names helps support this annual program on issues of importance at the intersection of faith and public life.

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