Saturday, November 14, 2015

THE DAILY OFFICE: ¨Heal the hearts of those who kill and maim..¨

Notre-Dame de Paris
Lord, our world is full of hatred, violence, terror and the death of innocents; now more attacks has been carried out in Paris that we cannot comprehend and none can justify. Heal the hearts of those who kill and maim to show their angry power. Help us sow peace where there is violence. Help us build justice into all our relationships. Replace our lust for revenge with mutual understanding. Receive the dead; bless the dying; save those in danger; and teach us that the only path to holiness is by walking in your love. In the name of your Son Jesus whom we crucified, but who rose again despite us. 
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Letter from Dean of American Cathedral in Paris  

November 14, 2015

So many friends and colleagues have written in the last 18 hours expressing support, promising their prayers, and asking what they could do.  I cannot tell you how incredibly important this has been to all of us at the American Cathedral.  It is a very fearful time, and we are still bewildered and unsure.  Knowing we have prayers coming from around the world,  that we have a cloud of witnesses, and that we are so inextricably connected in the Body of Christ makes all the difference.

What can you do?  First of all, I ask your prayers:
–          for the victims, those who died and those wounded
–          for their families
–          for all those who have helped and are helping
–          for all who protect us
–          for the city of Paris, and especially our Cathedral community
–          for all those whose anger, fear and hatred lead them to commit such acts
–          for hope, for light in the darkness, and for peace
Secondly, I urge you to give some serious thought to next steps.  Your expressions of support are strong and genuine – but where do they go?  We have all held each other up before – after the Charlie Hebdo shootings, for instance, and after 9/11 – and shared a strong sense of unity.  I’m not sure where I am going with this; I only mean that our prayers must lead us to action.  Here in France I suspect there will be very, very strong anti-Muslim sentiment, and one thing we must do is stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters, and foster conversation and understanding.  I think we also need to work harder to care for the flood of refugees fleeing terror in their own countries – work for immediate care and for political solutions.  You will need to find your own mission in the US, but I know that it must involve continued dedication and commitment to making justice and making peace, and being a light in the darkness.

Thank you again, my brothers and sisters.

Lucinda Laird

Saint Alban Episcopal Mission (English) meets for mass every Sunday at 10:00 A.M. (see welcome letter at sidebar) at Casa Convento Concepcion, 4a Calle Oriente No. 41, Antigua, Guatemala.

The Reverend John Smith, Vicar.
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