Friday, July 8, 2016

YOUTH EVENT - DIOCESE OF GUATEMALA: St. Alban Episcopal Mission hosted 17 youth leaders in training, July 1st - 3rd

St. Alban Episcopal Mission in Antigua was host to a retreat for youth leaders of the Diocese of Guatemala. Seventeen young people, ranging in age from thirteen to twenty-four, from eight different parishes arrived Friday afternoon, July 1st, and spent the next 48 hours in prayer, leadership training, and fellowship.

The retreat was led by Gabby Ortiz and her husband Eddy, both responsible for a five year Diocesan plan to reach out to young people and invite them into church life. 

Deacon Phyllis
They were assisted by the Rev. Ramon Ovalle, and deacons, the Revs. Laurel McMarlin and Phyllis Manoogian.

The Rev. Ramon Ovalle
The Rev. John Smith and Doña Terri
Hosting the event was the Rev. John Smith, Vicar of St. Alban, and his wife Terri. Fr. Smith gave two presentations on how young people need to bring the Gospel to the church and the practice of radical hospitality. Many members of St. Alban contributed money and food during the weekend. Jeanne Shepherd from St. Alban used her photography skills to document the event. The weekend culminated in a festive, dual-language Eucharist with some of the young leaders, including one seminarian, leading parts of the service.

A blessed medal with the image of the Holy Spirit was given to each participant by Fr. Smith as a reminder of their commitment and ministry to the youth of Guatemala.

The lush grounds and garden of Casa Convento Concepcion, Antigua

St. Alban
Saint Alban Episcopal Mission (English) meets for mass every Sunday at 10:00 A.M. (see welcome letter at sidebar) at Casa Convento Concepcion, 4a Calle Oriente No. 41, Antigua, Guatemala.

The Reverend John Smith, Vicar.
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